Saturday, June 16, 2007

Saltery Bay Provincial Park

Well, we've managed to survive for two days so far!

Friday was our first day of the bike trip proper. It started out raining, but it wasn't very hard, and it cleared up around noon. We had to take a ferry for part of our trip, which was pretty nice, since it gave us the chance to pay more attention to the scenery and to meet some people on the boat. (We met a nice German guy who was touring Canada on his bike---he has apparently done lots of bike touring all over the world. He had about twice as much stuff on his bike as Ryan and I do, though!)

Anyway, the area that we've been biking in is called the Sunshine Coast. You might think that this means that there isn't much rain here, but on Saturday we learned that the name is kind of a local joke. It rained on us pretty much the entire day, right up until we arrived at our new campsite! It was definitely pretty cold---but we basically took it in chunks, cycling 10-15 miles before stopping some place to warm up. Oh well, now I know that we can deal with it! We're supposed to have some more rain tomorrow, but then it should clear up.

Total distance cycled so far: 146.8 miles


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